We are five female documentary photographers who met while studying towards an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of the Arts / London School of Communication (LCC).  

Through Concrete Collective, we manifest ourselves internationally as a like minded group via jointly curated exhibitions and publications.

Dedicated in supporting and raising the profile of female photographers, we are based in Germany, Brazil, France,  Sweden & Greece.

Uta Beyer is a German documentary photographer based in Germany.  Uta is concerned with issues of habitat and belonging, everyday life and the material world of objects and things. 

Uta’s first monograph, “Korpus 18”, was published by Siesta Publishing, Tbilisi, in 2014. 


Lara Chiarabellini

Lara Ciarabellini is an Italian documentary photographer based in Rio de Janeiro. To describe social issues, Lara works on collective memory and identity and their representation in Visual Arts.

In December 2014,  Lara joined Anzenberger Agency and published her first monograph “Somnambulism” with Kehrer Verlag in July 2015.


Maria Moschou is a Greek social documentary photographer based in Burgundy, France.  Maria’s work mainly concerns social issues involving teenagers.  

Maria’s work is represented by Divergence-Images.



Gunta Podina

Gunta Podina is a Latvian social documentary photographer based in Sweden.  Gunta specializes in social and cultural anthropology issues. Her projects aims to deconstruct conventional interpretations of people and environment, whilst making meaningful commentaries on current social and cultural issues.

Gunta’s work is represented by Alamy and the Arles based Photo Agency Ektadoc.


Christina Vazou is a German-Greek Photographer based in Athens. Christina specializes in reportage and documentary photography.  

Christina has published three books:  “Greeks of the Diaspora”, 1997; “A Life’s Journey”, 2005; “Behind the Scene of the Greek Crisis”, 2012.