Ordinary LIKE in Times of InternetConcrete

“Ordinary LIKE in Times of Internet” offers a re-reading of private photography in times of the web. Facebook posts, status messages, comments, shares, likes – daily social media activity spins round our daily routines long since.  Private photos posted, like in the old days of physical paper photo albums, depict the good times we have.  Yet today, showing and sharing our happiness has become a tool for getting attention and our daily dose of likes.  

Private photos are no longer intimate markers of memories, glued into albums and shared in homely family circles. They have become fast moving consumer goods, commodities in our web lives, difficult to ever remember and retrace again.  Along with the role of private photography, the construction of memories is challenged. Ordinary LIKES in Times of Internet explores this complex virtual expansion of our identities, authenticities, and memories, of the ambiguity of our modern-day existence, and our participation in the lived-in world.